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For info on other wrestling clubs, just scroll pass the Boston, MA info and you'll come across many other club's practices & schedules.

OPEN MAT PRACTICES in the Boston, MA area”

In the city of Boston – via the Boston Union Wrestling Club this is the ONLY weekly wrestling workouts/practices happening via this local "STRAIGHT" sports group.  Their practices are advertised in local Boston publications/newspapers as ADULT MEN'S WRESTLING with an emphasis on amateur freestyle and collegiate style wrestling.

Explore basic information about this club via their updated webpage Boston Union Wrestling Club

Their niche is guys who are mostly in their 20’s/30’s who like/want to keep doing wrestling.  About 80% wrestled in high school and/or college and many are very good indeed.

A couple are coaches or assistant coaches for high school programs.  They are gaining an increasing number of college guys in universities like Northeastern that do not have wrestling programs.

Their practices are fairly informal.  After warm-ups, they typically engage in shark bait takedowns, move to top/bottom and out from referee's position, and then have refereed matches.

Anyone, regardless of age, size or experience, is welcome to work out with Boston Union Wrestling Club.

 ****FYI**** These weekly practices are "NOT" affiliated, associated with or run by EAST COAST WRESTLING CLUB. Information is provided here as a courtesy to those interested in finding a local regular wrestling workout space in the Boston area.

To get there easily by the MBTA/subway – take the ORANGE line T to Roxbury Crossing;  at the station exit turn left on Tremont Street.  Walk two short blocks to the first set of lights (Parker St.) and turn left on Parker.   Walk three more blocks and the school will be visible on your right.  Turn right on Alleghany St.  then enter the schoolyard. The unlocked entrance for the wrestling room is on the east (Tremont St.) side of the building.]

Email their contact person,Will, for more details/questions at: wboberg@masswrestling.com  OR wboberg@hotmail.com

Please note/be aware that the Boston Union Wrestling Club works out at a "STRAIGHT" gym open to the general public.

Some of the guys attending wrestled on high school and university teams, while the rest are learning as adults.   The ages range from 22-60, with a entire gambit of weight classes and experience levels from novice to very experienced.

Most of their guys are professionals in their 20’s/30’s but people of any age, gender, weight, and experience level are welcome to join in on their workouts.

See their updated website with the most current information before attending a practice as they added a NEW workout location for Saturdays in April 2007 Boston Union Wrestling Club.



Currently East Coast Wrestling Club "DOES NOT" have its own practice space.

Just an FYI; we have members in all 6 New England states. so accomodating everyone with an easy access practice space might not happen.

ALSO some East Coast members/grapplers do attend the Boston Union practices regularly so they can get in a regular workout PLUS get access to mat time with people of all weight classes.

We are currently searching for a place where this gay wrestling club and amp; its members could work out privately without hassle, prejudice, or any harassment.

If you know of/come across/find a space that is reasonably priced worth looking into contact us and call Marc: at our ECWC club phone info line (401) 467-6737 , OR E-mail him at either: ecwc@juno.com  OR at our 2nd E-mail address ecwc@eastcoastwrestlingclub.org

Other Wrestling Club's PRACTICES-WORKOUTS


Metro/MGWA of New York City, NY practices [every Sunday from 2-5pm] & [Wednesday from 8-10pm] at the Gay Community Center, 208 West 13th Street (just west of 7th Ave.) New York, NY.  [Their workout space is in room 412 & they also host a BEGINNER’S clinic-practice-orientation on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 8-10pm.]  

The NYC Gay Community Center is located in Greenwich Village – Manhattan – NYC.  Click to see their GET in GEAR page of what to bring & where to go: http://www.metrowrestling.org/getingear.html

  Spartan Wrestling Club of Philadelphia, PA has practices every [Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm] at the William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA For more information, contact Mike@Phillyspartans@hotmail.com

Golden Gate Wrestling Club in San Francisco, California hosts practices at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center - 100 Collingwood - in San Francisco, CA on [Tuesdays/Fridays at 7pm & Sundays at 2pm]. Email for details: wrestler@pacbell.net

Southern California Wrestling Club in West Hollywood, CA meets for practices on Saturdays from 4-7pm; See their website for their calendar of events. Their outreach/contact person is Eddie @ (310)985-4335 and you can email for details too --> inquiry@socalwrestlingclub.com OR scwc2002@yahoo.com

ALSO explore their NEWCOMER'S CORNER on their dynamic interactive website with info about wrestling, the club, events, & what they offer.

San Diego Bulldogs Wrestling Club of San Diego, California   invites you to their practices which are held on [Tuesdays & Saturdays]. Contact the Bulldogs via email  info@sdbulldogswrestling.org or call their info line @ (619) 491-4747 [24 hours a day/7 days a week]

  • Real Jock.com's feature on San Diego BULLDOGS Wrestling Club

    Seattle Kings Wrestling Club of Seattle, Washington
    Visit their updated site at  http://www.kingswrestling.org or E-mail kingswrestling@yahoo.com

    Chicago Wrestling Club in Chicago, Illinois can be reached at their interactive NEW WEB SITE Chicago Wrestling Club   Their practices are held on Thursdays @ 7PM & Saturdays @ 1:30PMat Quad's Gym

    For more info on their ReCREWtment Night; Mention you were referred by our site and E-mail JOSH josh@chicagowrestling.com

    The mission of the Chicago Wrestling Club is to provide a safe learning environment for wrestlers 18 years of age and older. We do not discriminate based on gender, orientation, age or wrestling experience. Our purpose is to train wrestlers in the disciplines of freestyle, greco-roman, and folkstyle wrestling.

    Click here for info on London Amateur Wrestlers (LAW) of England and see their 2nd webpage via British Grappling


    Harbour City Wrestling Club can be reached at PO Box 2101 Cloverly, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA   The contact person for HCWC in the

    outback is Barry   http://www.hcwc.com.au/

    Paris Wrestling Club FRENCH version of their webpage Club de lutte de Paris [Paris Lutte/Paris Wrestling Club/(Paris Lutte Amateur Groupe-PLAG]

    Paris Lutte/Paris Wrestling Club ENGLISH version of their webpage This great club in Paris, FRANCE hosts yearly tournaments & wrestling weekends.

    Email/contact Philippe for info/details at brunophil@aol.com

    Houston Wrestling Club in TEXAS

    The Houston Wrestling Club organizes workouts and other activities open to anyone interested in wrestling. The workouts provide instruction, practice, and an opportunity for participants to enjoy wrestling for fun, exercise or sport. Most workouts are free and all are open to newcomers. Persons who become Basic Members receive TakeDowns (the HWC newsletter) with a schedule of workouts and events.

    Those who become Full Members have a listing with their contact information, interests and photographs included in the HWC roster, and they receiveTakeDowns[their newsletter], the roster and its updates. The HWC roster includes wrestlers across Texas and is now expanding to include wrestlers nationwide.

    Learn more about the Houston Wrestling Club via the Outletics Gay Sports website

    For more information/contact Larry at the HWC via email at: wrestlrr@aol.com

    Tampa Bay Eagles Wrestling Club of Florida

    The Tampa Bay Eagles Wrestling Club is a gay, amateur freestyle wrestling team dedicated to learning, training and competing in the sport of freestyle wrestling. The team meets weekly to train and wrestle.

    Check out their "dynamic great amazing" site—They have weekly workouts that put you thru the paces of the sport  Hit the mats when in Tampa, Florida  & more    http://www.tampaeagles.com



    DC Wrestling Club of Washington, DC in our nation's capitol.

    For more facts send an EMAIL:dcwrestlingclub@aol.com

    Lions Gates Wrestling Club in Vancouver, British Columbia; CANADA has lots of details of what they have to offer on their website.
    Contact ROGER for club information/practice info at (604) 253-6337

    Or email for inquiries lionsgateswrestling@hotmail.com

    Toronto Wrestling Club in Toronto, Ontario; CANADA is a great club & to learn more about TWC; contact Rob through an email  Robwrestle@aol.com

    For info on the Crescent City Wrestling Club of New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA; write to their club c/o John T. Martin, 724 Dumaine # 4, New Orleans, LA 70116

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